Friday, October 12, 2007

0 My Hiatus From Cooking

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Hi All,
I must confess that I've been so busy that cooking lately consists of the easiest things possible. Atleast the foods I'm putting together (if not cooking) are healthy, but lately it's been simple meals like smoothies for breakfast and soft-boiled eggs & toast for dinner. (Think I'm falling into Category #2 in my survey, "How Often Do You Cook During The Week?" ;-) That'd be about once a week. Yikes.) Really am quite the busy little devil right now, with yet another upcoming trunk show to plan, as well as several business meetings, etc., etc. Just don't have the time right now, & am frankly focusing on running when I'm not working. If you need your daily blog fix, courtesy of yours truly, you're welcome to visit my running blog, where I post almost daily, & sometimes even twice or thrice in the same day. I blog after every run & every time I hop on the scale, & also whenever I have nutrition/exercise psychology/fitness/running apparel tips to share. So come on over for a visit! Thanks!
Have a good night!

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